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Which P Should I Pick?

Just finished watching the movie Doubt for the first time. STORY OF MY LIFE. Never have I ever related so much to a character as I did to Phillip Seymore Hoffman’s in that  movie. Reminded me so much of my situation when I was asked to leave my position at the IU Athletic Department. Except if Meryl Streep was on my ass instead of my boss I would have tapped that before I peaced out! ROTFL.

But in all seriousness, this has me thinking about getting back into the work force. You may be wondering how I have been making ends meet these past two months. Well, you won’t believe this but one of my roommates actually has a really sweet job and gets paid so much that he has offered to just pay for all the utilities and all the rent AND all the shit that I want! It’s pretty much the sweetest deal ever. And it’s part of the reason I am not going to make any rash decisions and just get any job.

I’ve narrowed down my list of potential jobs that I think would be a perfect blend of applying my skill set and stimulating my groin loins to 3. They are pilot, pediatrician, and pool boy. Pilot would be awesome because I would get to stare at all the hunnies out there without them knowing. Pediatrician would be awesome because I could get free medicine and bang all the hot nurses, moms and girls who develop early. Pool boy would be awesome because I look awesome when I’m wearing the pool boy outfit. Really tough decision, and I’m hoping you guys can help me out and share your thoughts.

Also been thinking about Megara McMuller today. Going to take this opportunity to put some of those thoughts on paper, so to speak.

I get off

when you get on


I go weak

when you go hard


I want to take you

Want to make you


I dream you visit me in my base


Then I awake and and you are no longer


And now I’m sad. But a job would enable me to buy her some sexy lingerie so that is another incentive.