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Charles Manson is the Vincent Van Gogh of our Generation

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been writing as much as usual lately, I’ve had writers block! LOL I don’t expect you guys to understand because it only happens to geniuses but I just have to be honest with you and tell you about the reason why I’ve been MIA. Right now I’m drinking some whiskey and water and I’m watching Mind of Manson on MSNBC, which is a documentary-style analysis of a 1987 inteview by an FBI criminal profiler with the Man himself, Charles Manson. Right now CM is talking about why he killed some people or something but I’m mostly hoping he will hurry up and get to the part everyone is actually interested in: how he drew that perfect Swastika on his forhead. Have you ever tried to draw one of those? Not an easy task! And he drew it PERFECTLY, while looking in a mirror, which makes drawing 1000 times harder. Amazing. I’m in shock and awe at his talent. A true artist. Needs an exhibit at the MoMA. I could go on and on. 

Okay so all this Manson stuff has got me thinking about murder, particularly my favorite murder story of all time: The Disappearance at the Dairy Queen. It’s a cold case (to all the Hardly Brothers out there who have swallowed so much clue goo they can’t think straight, a cold case is one that hasn’t been solved yet) and it’s one I think about a lot. Of all the murders that occur in this world, the fact that I think about The Disappearance at the Dairy Queen so much must mean something, and tonight I finally figured out what that is. I must solve The Disappearance at the Dairy Queen. I am the only one who can do it. So I am officially launching this investigation by declaring this case OPEN, and I’ll keep you guys posted about my every raging clue. But first, I think you guys need a little background information about this dairy mama who should have just gone with her original idea of turning tricks to put food on the table instead of following up on that HELP WANTED sign in the DQ window. 

I’ll summarize next time LMFAO!!!! 

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